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The club trains three times a week, welcoming both beginners and the more experienced practicioners alike.

Monday 7:00pm

Cardio: Padwork & Number Drills

Wednesday 7:00pm

Technical Session: Sparring and Clinch Work

Friday 6pm

Cardio: Circuits and Bagwork

Discover how to use every part of your body as a weapon - in any situation. It's the most complete and powerful, striking self-defense system known to man

About ByDand Muay Thai

Established in 2003 by Trevor Lawn, our 'Kru', Bydand is a martial arts club that teaches and practices Muay Thai - Thailand's national sport.
Know as the 'Art of Eight Limbs' - fist, elbow, knee and kick - this is one of the most effective forms of martial arts, dating back thousands of years. It incorporates skill, strength, fitness and respect - both for the individual, club and Kru.
Muay Thai has a strong following, with many people holding a mixed background in martial arts; this can include kick boxing, brazilian ju-jitsu, karate and MMA. However the key focus of Bydand is Muay Thai


Meet Kru - Instructor

Trevor Lawn

My love of sports began at school, where I excelled at track and field related sports. When I left full time education, I needed an outlet for my energy and began practising Kung Fu. After 8 years I earned my black belt and started to teach, meeting people from various different martial art backgrounds. One of them introduced me to Muay Thai and I haven't looked back since.

After 3 years of practising Muay Thai, I set up my own school through the Banks O Dee gym, teaching three classes a week. 20 years on, I still loving seeing people develop their fitness, technique and positive mental attitude. Bydand offers a safe environment and support network to reach your potential, no matter how small or large your goal. In fact some of my former students have gone on to become trainers themselves - something I'm particularly proud of. As long as you train hard, you will see the change!


ByDand: supportive, fun & focused. Muay Thai tends to have a “family-like” vibe. After all, you're constantly challenging yourself, and striving to be your best in every class. This creates a real sense of camaraderie & team - which is part of the awesome Muay Thai experience.

Are there a lot of injuries with Muay Thai training?

Not at all! No one here wants to hurt anyone else. It's like a big team - or family - here. We all train, work hard, sweat and grow stronger together. That, combined with the precautions we've taken to prevent injuries, means that injuries are very rare here.

Should I get in shape before signing up?

Our classes help people who aren't in shape, get in shape. And they help people who are in shape get in even greater shape, fast.

Are these classes for competitive fighters only?

Our classes are for BOTH competitive fighters - as well as people just looking to get an awesome work out, and learn a powerful martial art. If you're a competitive fighter, you'll get the attention you need to become quicker, stronger, more agile, and full of impeccable technique. If you're not, you'll get a kick ass workout that'll get you lean & toned in no time.

Contact Us

Banks O' Dee Sports Club, Abbotswells Road, Aberdeen AB12 3AB, United Kingdom.

Call: +44 7801 064 363